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Visions from the other side

This concert challenges the premise of the classical music concert setting by boldly turning it on its head. Curated and performed by violin-piano ensemble Duo Cordelia, this program offers listeners a different path to experience chamber music. The two seasoned musicians invite the public to a place of deep reflection, humour and wonder by presenting well-researched repertoire written by truly revolutionary artists, as well as original compositions by violinist Vanessa Marcoux. The duo also showcases musical improvisation, which creates unique moments where time is suspended and the audience and performers are participants in an unfolding creation. These elements are ultimately stitched together in a compelling tale of resilience, where composers achieved emotional survival by escaping to imaginary musical landscapes of immense contrast and depth. Ultimately, this concert goes to the heart of our deep connection to music.

Distant lands

The concert Distant Lands explores the very diverse and subtle possibilities of the violin and the piano through a program comprising original compositions, traditional Tango and Klezmer arrangements, as well as buried treasures of 20th century music and improvisation. The two musicians push the boundaries of their respective instruments by leading them into remote areas of their expressive range. Filled with improvisation, humour, melancholy and contagious energy, Distant Lands offers a musical odyssey which will transport you to beautifully diverse and unusual sound landscapes. This program goes to the heart of our deep connection to music, making pathways between fields which have otherwise remained dissociated in a concert setting.


Works by Piazzolla, Granados, Aguirre, Schedrine, traditional music
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